Band biography:


Venom in Veins is a Metalcore-Band that was founded in 2011, in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet. Until now, they already released a four track EP, won the „your-gig“-Bandcontest in Düsseldorf, played more than 40 shows and recorded their first album.


Because of different influences and backgrounds, the five boys manage to create music that is diverse and unprecedented, while it does not rely on riding the trends that seem to reign modern, heavy music. Although the wheel will not be reinvented, their songs definitely have their own identity.

The first reviews are already stoked about the new album and a growing fan community and well visited shows, indicate that Venom in Veins is on the right track. Their first longplayer “Walking with Giants” will be digitally released on Acuity.Music.


The first singles of the upcoming album “Origins” Music Video) and “Eye of the Storm” (Lyric Video) already gained a lot of positive feedback.


Short description of the release:


On “Walking with Giants”, Venom in Veins create their own mixture of genres such as Metal, Hardcore and Alternative. Heavy music with catchy moments, for fans of bands like A day to Remember, Killswitch Engage or As I lay Dying.


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